Lightweight Performance Unveil Their BMW LW M2 Project

Lightweight Performance have been busy on their LW M2 project and what has come out as a result seems to be one of the most dramatic tuned versions of the M2 so far. Alongside it’s new livery, the LW M2 sports more aggressive parts and the black kidney grilles are optically connected directly with the headlights. Taking a look at the rear you see a large trunk spoiler and according to Lightweight Performance it is not just for looks as it improves stability at high-speed.

The insides of the Bimmer have been tinkered with too as the power output has hiked to 450 horsepower thanks to a modified air intake and 300-cell downpipes. The six-cylinder sound benefits from a titanium muffler with carbon end tips, clearly differentiating the LW M2 from the base car.


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