Remarkable Mods, For Making Your Ride Badass!

Ok, so as any petrol head knows his motor is his chief pride and joy. But the love and dedication shown to these vehicles goes a lot further than just driving them. For the real car enthusiast, tweeting the engine, shell, wheel, and interior can become a full-time obsession. To find out more, keep reading.

Body Kits

One of the most popular things that car modding enthusiast like to do is replace the body kit. For those unfamiliar with the term is basically mean the shell of the car. So changing the kit means you can change the shape.

If you want to do this for your ride, you will need to pick the right type of kit for your car’s frame. You also get to choose the finish, so consider metallic paints, matte colors or even a customer ombre airbrush job.


A lot of car models are into changing the wheels too. This is for two reasons. Firstly for show. Wheels can be a good indicator of how much you have spent on a car, and there are plenty of fancy and high-end options out there to choose from. The second reason is that the wheels can actually affect the performance of the car. For example wheel rims are heavier so give your vehicle a better grip on the road.


Believe it or not, there are also plenty of things that you can do with the exhaust on your car to improve it. Some people go for a catalytic converter, which is the more environmentally friendly option. Others like to focus on the sound that the exhaust makes. If you want that supercar roar, then you’re best off going with an exhaust like a high flow muffler.


The suspension is another thing that you can customize on your vehicle to make it super badass. Getting the suspension lowered works to enable the car to hold the road better and create less wind drag improving performance.

In addition, it looks pretty awesome. But a word of warning to the wise, getting your suspension lowers or installing hydraulics is not a cheap thing to do. Mods like this will also cause your insurance premiums to rise, so make sure you know it’s worth it before you decide to go all out.


Being able to see the road, while looking fly is pretty significant. That is why there is a range of headlights and tail lights available for the car modder. Xenon gas lights are deemed to be the best as the product a beam close to the composition of daylight.

If your car hasn’t got these, you can buy conversion kits that will enable you to turn your ordinary lights into gas ones.

Another popular and relatively cheap mod to work on your ride is to install light ‘eyebrows’. These are usually body colored strips that either go along the top of the light or all the way round and add to the overall aesthetic. Although you can get complimenting coloured ones too to highlight your lights.

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