Three Injured In Head-On Collision Involving Noble M600 Carbon Sport In Germany

After coming across a serious accident report involving a Noble I dug a little deeper to find out more details on the incident. On Wednesday last week a VW Passat was heading towards Illdorf when it veered out of it’s lane hitting the Noble M600 Carbon Sport head-on. This caused the Passat to roll over multiple times coming to rest in a field next to the road. According to reports, both drivers were taken from the scene in helicopters with serious but non life-threatening injuries. The driver of the Noble was 61 years old and his daughter of 19 was in the passenger seat. She was taken to hospital too but injuries were not as serious. Considering the state of both vehicles (note the steering wheel in the Noble) it is a miracle that the injuries are not life-threatening in any way. If we hear more about this story, we will update you.

This particular Noble M600 Carbon Sport was For Sale at the beginning of the year and costs more than $400,000 thanks to it’s all Carbon bodywork. Looks like both cars will be heading to the scrapheap.

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