Can You Handle The Costs Of A Supercar?

We all gaze in wonder as the latest supercars arrive on the market. We dream about owning one ourselves. You’ll probably be surprised to learn that even reviewers like us, who spend all day driving them around, would love to own one. But maybe we should be more realistic about what owning one of these cars actually entails. You might think that with a little belt tightening you could afford one. But is that really the truth?

Ah, The Initial Cost 

On average, you’ll be looking at spending roughly fifty grand on a new supercar. We’re not even talking about one of the advanced models here. For that price, you can get your hands on the wheel of an older Merc. If you want to get one of the latest models with all the fiddly tech included, you’re looking at closer to 80. For instance, the new BMW which we absolutely adore has a market price close to seventy thousand. So, even the initial cost might push this car beyond your reach. Of course, there are always other options to consider like car loans. With a car loan, you can purchase a vehicle that you otherwise would not be able to afford. It’s not really cheating as long as you will be able to pay it off for quite some time. Don’t forget that if the car is something really special you may need a heated garage.

Ouch, Insurance 

Here’s where things get interesting. The more expensive your car is, the more it will be to insure. It’s no secret that owners of Lamborghinis will pay thousands through the year to make sure that it’s fully insured. You also can’t keep your precious car on the road or even on a driveway. If you want to get an insurance deal that is affordable, you’re looking at a garage with state of the art security. So, you might even have to spend some money on improving your home to get that dream car. Still feeling like you can afford one of these beauties? Well, we’re just getting started…

Darn, Forgot About Petrol 

You sure did, and you can expect that to be a lot more than your typical car. Unless of course you buy a hybrid and let’s face it you’re probably not. You want the real experience in a gas guzzler and who could blame you. No matter what you want to say about hybrids, there’s nothing like the roar of a powerful engine. It gives us tingles just thinking about it, but it’s also going to drain your bank. You’ll find yourself stopping quite regularly for fuel in a supercar, particularly when driving at speed.

Really, Maintenance?  

You’re kidding, right? Maintenance is more expensive on supercars because there’s so much more that can go wrong. You can think of it as the difference between repairing an iPhone and you’re typical smart cell. The iphone is going to cost you nearly five times as much because a) they’re delicate and b) they include unique pieces of tech. So don’t be fooled you’re getting a better quality make of car for that cash. You’ll find yourself in the garage with the mechanic for a repair just as much as usual. Maybe even more!

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