Ferrari 458 Italia: The Best Looking Ferrari Coupe

One name that comes straightway to the minds of all the people when there is talk of sports car is that of Ferrari. It is an Italian car maker that is not only the first among equals in the world of sports cars but also the most expensive cars. Headquartered in the twin cities of Modena and Maranella, Ferrari cars have today become status symbols for the rich and the influential besides being marvels of engineering and design. Enzo Ferrari founded this company in 1939 and even introduced his first car in 1940 but officially the company Ferrari is recognized as an automobile manufacturer since 1947 only. Today, the company is recognized as the best sports car manufacturer in whole world. Each and every car made by the company is loved by the owners and critics alike, but is there one car that can be termed as the best Ferrari has ever made. The tag of the most good looking Ferrari certainly belongs to Ferrari 458 Italia Berlinetta that could be found on Autozin.

There is a perception among common people that all Ferrari cars are good looking and the company does not do much to design a new car. The company does not need to do tinker with the body and designing of their cars as they are already perfect in terms of aesthetic appeal and technology. At the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009, Ferrari proved people wrong when it introduced its new model labeled as 458 Italia. This new Ferrari was to take the position occupied by F430 that was produced by the company from 2005-2009.  458 Italia is being produced since then and it enjoys the reputation of not just a very good looking but also a Ferrari that is unbeatable in terms of its speed.

There are 4 variants of 458 Italia available in the market. They are Berlinetta, Spider, Challenge, and GTC. 458 Italia was introduced as a replacement of 430 but it was actually an all new experience for the lovers of Ferrari cars as it resulted from the learning experience of the engineers of the company obtained from F1 racing. The chief designer behind 458 Italia is Pininfarina. There was a buzz for some time that the design of 458 Italia was inspired by Ferrari Enzo. Whatever the inspiration, there is no doubt that 458 Italia proved itself to be a worthy successor of 430. It was not only quite different; it also distinguished itself from the current model called California.

When one takes a closer look at 458 Italia, he feels that it is a result of certain amount of fury and passion in the mind of the designer. It has an extremely aerodynamic body that provides least resistance to the wind as it cuts through and sails at amazing speeds pretty quickly. This was partly because of the fact that a person of the stature of Michael Schumacher gave his inputs during the design phase of 458 Italia. Everything from the steering wheel to the dashboard as well as the interiors of 458 Italia bear the mark of a champion. There are few features in this car that make it different and unique from others cars in the stable of Ferrari. These include 5 spoke rims and the triple tailpipes.

As far as details under the hood are concerned, 458 Italia is fitted with a 4.5 liter V8 engine that produces a power of 562 HP and a torque of nearly 400 ft-lb when moving at 6000rpm. However, the company claims that much of this torque is available to the driver even when the engine is revving at lower than 3250 rpm. Surprisingly, the engine of this Ferrari is only 3% larger than the 4350cc engine of Ferrari 430. However, it is capable of producing nearly 15% more power and torque than 430. This is being attributed to a new fuel injection technology developed in collaboration with Maserati by the company.  Imagine going up to a speed of 60mph from zero in just 3.4 second. The top speed of Ferrari 458 Italia is 202mph. is your one stop shop online for buying and selling cars. You can also get your favorite Ferrari model here at reasonable price.

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