Aston Martin Vanquish S Is Breathtakingly Beautiful

Aston Martin have been working on making one of their best looking models even better and taking one look at the new Vanquish S, they have done their job. The car is expected to be one of the last Aston’a to use their N/A 5.9-litre V12 before AMG’s powerplant takes over but the Vanquish S promises to “eliver more intense thrills and even more scintillating performance”.

Under the hood, the V12 has been tweaked to pump out 592 horsepower (up from 568 hp) and this has been achieved thanks to larger inlet manifolds and the implementation of a revised air intake system which also improves throttle response. The 8-speed Touchtronic III transmission has been fiddled with to deliver quicker downshifts and more refinement at slow speeds. At the rear there is a new quad tail pipe setup, complete with new exhaust system, some re-tuned anti-roll bar bushes and new suspension internals.

With all these new mechanical upgrades the Vanquish S gets some cosmetic updates too in the form of a bespoke aerodynamic package made from carbon fibre. Just look at that sexy front splitter and angry diffuser at the rear. Inside you now have a choice of quilted leather on the fascia panel dubbed ‘Satin Chopped Carbon Fiber’ by Aston themselves. The Vanquish S will be available in Coupe and Volante with deliveries starting as soon as next month.

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