BMW Abu Dhabi Offering Limited Collection Of Bespoke i8 Colours

The BMW i8 turns head in any colour but as we know, Abu Dhabi Motors are not ones to stick to the factory colours on this thing. The dealership, which is among the most successful BMW Group retailers in the region, has created a collection of bespoke, and suitably loud, colours for the hybrid sportscar, which are only available through Abu Dhabi Motors.

The first two colours offered are Lava Red and Lava Orange, the additional seven that will be added to the list towards the end of 2016 include Lava Green, Austin Yellow, Twilight Purple and Sunglow Yellow. Along with your mesmerizing paint job, Abu Dhabi Motors also promises a year-long exclusivity for your colour so there will in essence only be 9 of these cars in these colours for a minimum of one year.

To make the i8 pop even more, they are fitted with the stunning AC Schnitzer aero kit and wheels to give it so much more presence.


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