Roush Create Ridiculous 500 HP Ford Focus RS

The Ford Focus RS comes stock with 350 horsepower and a “drift mode” which should be bonkers enough for 90% of the owners but Roush Performance are under the impression that that is not nearly enough. They pumped up the output, kitted it our with some mods and revealed it at SEMA.

This Roush Focus RS makes a whopping 500 horsepower thanks to a modified engine black and some ECU tuning. To cope with this increase in power, they added new slotted brake rotors, an enhanced cooling system, a three-way adjustable suspension with camber plates, forged 19-inch wheels and a set of Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires.

On the exterior, you notice a front splitter, rear wing, side splitters, diffuser, custom graphics stripes, front tow hook, hood heat extractors, ambient grille lighting, and custom painted side rear view mirror caps. Having completed this project and shown it off to the world, there is no word on plans to sell the upgraded components to RS owners (which is probably a good thing).

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