Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster, GT C Roadster & GT R South African Pricing Guesstimated

With epic cars like the ones listed in the title, we like to have a stab at estimating the price tags for South African’s. A simple interpolation process is done from prices released of previous cars like the AMG GT S and converted back to Rands for prospective owners to give some thought. UK pricing for the models are as follows;

  • GT Roadster – £110,145
  • GT C Roadster – £139,445
  • GT R – £143,245
Using the UK pricing for the AMG GT S and the latest pricing for it from Mercedes-Benz South Africa, we get the following figures for these three vehicles in South African Rands.

  • GT Roadster – R2,135,800
  • GT C Roadster – R2,703,900
  • GT R – R2,777,700**
**A Zero2Turbo reader was in direct communication with Mercedes-Benz SA a few months back and they estimated the price to be between R3.5 and R3.8 million which sounds very high.

Bare in mind these are the base prices of the vehicles. Let’s wait and see what the actual prices are when they touch down in our country which is not expected until April next year.
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