RevoZport Show What Their Raze Aerokit For BMW M2 Will Look Like

Another day, another package for the mighty M2. This time RevoZport’s turn to show us what they can do and what you see below is the RAZE Aerokit.

Thanks to some new carbon fibre panels and a titanium exhuast, the package shaves off 60 kg’s which means instant performance gains. It gets a wider track, more horsepower and a very mean body kit. At the front, we have a 3 way adjustable front splitter (Street, Sport and Track setup) with cooling vents routing cold air directly to the brake discs.

The canards around the front bumper vents area ram more air to the oil cooler and keeps the engine cool at all times while the vented hood is proven to extract hot air directly from the radiator.

On the side, the door sills extends the front part of the rear wheel arch to give that muscular fender-flare look that reminiscence a Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6.

Towards the back, you will see the GT spoiler designed with a swan neck mount which from the CFD (Computer fluid dynamics) shows that the support mounted from the top of the spoiler blade actually produce better downforce than from the bottom.

Finally, the vented diffuser is designed not only to provide better ground effect but also can help vent the heat from the exhaust muffler.

Performance is also upgraded from the original 370hp to a whopping 480hp, thanks to the free-flow lightweight titanium exhaust, ECU and intake system. You can bet your bottom dollar that you will not need a sound system and subwoofer.

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