Misha Designs Give Ferrari 488 Complete Widebody Makeover

The Ferrari 488 GTB in stock form is a piece of art. Add on some Novitec spoilers and lips and it is perfect but going as far as Misha Designs has gone with their latest kit just baffles my mind. To a non-petrolhead, you would not even know it is a 488 which should not be how tuning is done. If you can recall, their 458 Italia was also way over the top but they are also offering a Limited widebody kit (seen below) for the 488.

You can choose between ‘Regular’ and ‘Limited’ widebody kits with the latter coming with 3-inch wider quarter panels, a more exposed rear diffuser and a large rear wing. The company said they are only making 20 of these so you will need to be one of the first few to order.

The front end is inspired by F1 and comes with a large double splitter carbon lip, while the bonnet matches the new style with more aggressive styling and a large, exposed-carbon area in the middle. The rear end mimics the style of the track-only FXX-K and comes with a huge rear diffuser that’s adjusted to the 488’s exhaust position and style.

Each part of the kit is made out of carbon fibre, with Misha Designs now taking pre-orders.

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