The Fascination With Fast Cars

What is it about fast cars and super cars that captures our wildest imaginations? I mean, they are not as large as a pickup truck and they are not quite as accommodating as a crossover, but we still tend to cling to them just as if they were designed by the gods themselves.
Please don’t misunderstand, cars like the Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren MP4 – 12C, Lamborghini Gallardo, and the Ferrari 458 are all fantastic cars as they are, but they are in no way the most practical of all motor vehicles. They also have price tags that can reach as much as a cool million, so you would be better off finding a used Ferrari for sale if you are in the market for one. Before going any further, though, yes, there actually do happen to be sports cars out there that can be had for around $30,000, such as the Mazda MX – 5 Miata, and the Chevy Camaro. That being said, these cars rarely are the true object of a petrol head’s heart’s desire, such as a Lamborghini or Ferrari.
There are also plenty of people who think that vehicles such as these are more than worth the money. Why do we fall in love with these super cars at all, though? Here is a quick look at a few reasons:

One reason that cars like these have so much appeal is because they are able to be afforded by only a few people. This makes them seem to be exclusive.

That being said, realize that exclusivity doesn’t always equate usefulness… as you can see anytime you watch Grand Tour. Take the Porsche 918 Spyder from 2015 for example. This car sells for about $929,000 and is equipped with an impressive 8 cylinder, 4.6 liter engine. It also comes with only 2 seats and little to no space for cargo. Taking all of that into account, how many people can afford to pay that much for a vehicle that is essentially only meant for a single thing – to drive fast? The thing is, even if it was as useful as a Swiss Army Knife, people still couldn’t afford one.

Speaking of their speed, because of that speed, super cars and sports cars can be fantastically dangerous. There are quite a few people out there who find this aspect quite appealing. In fact, according to WebMD, when people experience something that is seemingly life threatening, they can feel like they have just been able to overcome a massive challenge. This can make thrills such as driving fast quite appealing and even a bit addictive. As opposed to popular belief, a small bit of danger can feel good and super cars can deliver those feelings in spades.

Cater to Drivers
Sports cars essentially get their start as racing vehicles. Which means that it totally makes sense that they cater to the driver. This is another thing that makes them so appealing.

Typically, these cars will only be equipped with a pair of seats, and this means that half of the entire cabin is devoted solely to the person driving. Also, behind all of the glamor, there tends to be an incredibly powerful engine, and this is arguably the heart of the super car. The engine will generally be paired with an exhaust system that is of the free-flowing sort, and this can essentially be akin to a megaphone that will amplify and then broadcast the roar of the engine. Why? What is the point of having a superb engine if nobody can hear it? I mean, come on, what would be the point of having a Porsche 911 if it only sounded like it had a tiny little 4 cylinder when in truth it has a flat six? Drivers tend to like it when they can hear the roar of their engine.

Combine all of the above with a body that is lightweight and the result is a car that will accelerate so fast that it will be difficult to believe. And, when all is said and done, it is just really nice to have and drive a car that will make you feel as if you are superior to the other drivers on the road.

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