Which Way Is The Best Way To Sell Your Car?

When it comes to selling your car you have a coupe of options each with their own pro’s and con’s. You can sell it to a friend, you can sell it privately or you can trade it in at a dealer for a new or upgraded car which most people do. If you haven’t done this before, read the Pros and Cons of Trading in your Car below to see if this is the right method for you.


  1. One of the main advantages of trading in your car is that you only need to communicate or negotiate with the dealership you decide on. If you want a car from a particular dealership, they will happily assist in trading in your car to shift stock.
  2. This leads us on to the next point, Convenience. Trust me I have sold my previous car privately and there are a lot more headaches involved this way.
  3. Dealership networks will locate the perfect car for you and take into account the fact that you will be trading in a car with them so let them do the work and find the right vehicle for you.
  4. When trading in your car, you can select a car straight off the dealer floor which means there is no waiting time for your new pride and joy to arrive. You can simply fill in the necessary paperwork and drive her off the floor.


  1. While you may make more money selling privately, dealerships often offer you a lower amount for your car. This is because they need to make money on that car when they eventually sell it. 
  2. When trading in your car, you are limited to selecting a vehicle from the particular dealership you are dealing with.
  3. Some trade-in’s are not accepted which will really dampen the spirits of buying a new car but they do this if the car you are trading in is not a sell-able condition or the demand for such a car is too low to try sell it.

With these points in mind, we hope you make the right choice as to how you go about selling your car. GOOD LUCK and be AWARE!

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