Car Coat Care

Driving a car that looks good isn’t the be all and end all for all motorists. Some just care about how the inside looks because that is what directly affects them. Others are hugely invested in it. Wanting their car to look great inside and out. There are tips to ensure the outside, or the coat, looks good and stays good. Some things you can’t help. Bird droppings, mood splatter, etc. Yet there are other things that do make a difference which you have direct control over. Especially with summer on the horizon it is time to ensure the coat looks good, and gleams in day and night lighting. You may have heard of these tips before, but there may be one or two new ones in here so give it a read and find out what’s best for your car.

Using a car wash can be dangerous. The bristles can scratch paintwork with ease. Some people refute this, but they do, as such you should always wash the body yourself. It is time consuming, but you will get a better finish every time. The key is in finding the best car wash soap for your vehicle. Some are expensive, but likely not as much as a car wash on full spec. You can ensure the coat doesn’t get scratched by rough bristles in the process. Use a chamois for best results.

Before going ahead and washing it can be wise to treat the coat against external elements with a high quality clear coat. Bug splatter for example can be quite corrosive, as can bird droppings if left on the car and not washed off.Treat the coat with the appropriate treatment agent. Nano coating is the current leap forward in technology, though some experts argue against its usefulness. It can deflect most harmful substances, though quite pricey. Any wax will do the trick well enough, as long as you apply it in the right way. Follow this guide here to ensure you get it right. You should do once every few months depending on how much it rains. If you use nano coating then you could leave it a little longer as it is more durable, but check your base coat is suitable for nano coating as some cars aren’t,

The same can be said of your tyres. Corrosive substances often lay on the road ranging from oil to spilt materials. You can treat them with tyre spray. Keep an eye on them and do this often. You should also protect the underside of your car. Rust, debris, oil, it can all contribute to stifle performance as you are trying to drive around. Get underneath and clean it all off. Use a rust remover if necessary. Then you should apply a zinc primer. It will stop the underside rusting which it often does due to driving over puddles and the like. Although it isn’t technically the coat, it is still an important part of the car due to the components underneath so it is certainly worth trying to protect it where possible.


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