Pickup Today: The Definitive 2017 Ram 1500 Review

With the pickup truck becoming an increasingly popular transport choice across America, you might assume that one of the oldest designs on the market would be eclipsed by its competitors in General Motors or Ford.

Quite the contrary. The 2017 Ram 1500 is a perfect example of balance, on the one hand being a convenient and practical truck for towing heavy loads, then on the other being a pleasure to drive with your family to the local store.

Keeping things simple and efficient, the new model does what it has always done best, and that’s no small ask, but it also embraces modern technology and blends it effortlessly with a traditional driving style.


With a hardy turbodiesel V6 engine, the 2017 Ram 1500 makes easy work of towing heavy trailers, and that’s complimented by coil-spring rear suspension which makes the ride comfortable and smooth.

The suspension is a dream, meaning that you can drive across difficult, bumpy roads while carrying a trailer without the uncomfortable bouncing around that can make trucking more of a displeasure!

Any car dealership worth its salt will be quick to point out that the 2017 edition has an eight-speed automatic transmission, allowing you to reach top speeds without being too demanding on fuel consumption. However, this does mean that the maximum weight that can be towed is just short of what you could achieve with rival pickups, but the Ram gives you a much nicer drive.


By far the most well thought out design of all pickups, the 2017 Ram 1500 is stylish and sophisticated, with a subtle polished wood trim on the dash and top-quality upholstered leather seats.

With pickups gaining a reputation as an uncomfortable ride, the Ram quells this stereotype, offering padded seats with great support in all the right places.

With fold-out floor space and the Rambox system, there is plenty of storage, and it even comes equipped with under-floor coolers to store food and drink for those long journeys!


It is easy to forget that you are driving a pickup when the Ram 1500 comes so well-equipped with modern technology. Good car reviewers have been quick to note the improvement in terms of tech upgrade on the latest model.

An overhead console, remote keyless entry, bluetooth, 5-inch touchscreen multimedia system and satellite radio help bring a very classic vehicle into the 21st century.


Coming equipped with all the essential safety features, the Ram is suitably well prepared for its designed use. Hill-start assist, anti-lock brakes, airbags  and trailer-sway control all meet the minimum expectations, and for an added fee, you can install a rearview camera and parking sensors.

Improvements could be made in terms of highway access, however, as any trucker will know the dangers of carrying trailers onto busy roads. Unfortunately, blind-spot monitoring and lane departure warning aren’t available.
The Ram 1500 may not be the fastest, nor the biggest, nor the most tech-savvy. In fact, it is the perfectly balanced all-rounder, perfect for those looking for a blend of speed, power and comfort.

Yes, there are areas to improve, but that means that production and development of this model will go on, and that in itself is a very good thing.


  • Powerful engine
  • Suspension provides a comfortable ride
  • Lovely interior design
  • Modern technology
  • Easy to drive


  • Missing some of the latest safety features
  • Towing capabilities not as high as competitors
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