Lamborghini Aventador S South African Pricing And Info

As we all know, Lamborghini have released the facelifted Aventador and called it the Aventador S. So what does the new version get that the older model didn’t get?

  • More aggressive design with longer front splitter, a black diffuser and rear wheel arches that are reminiscent of the Countach
  • 130% improved downforce at the front end
  • Rear wing can be adjusted in three positions – improve drag and aero efficiency by 50%
  • V12 pushes out an additional 40 horsepower
  • New exhaust system is said to be 20 kg’s lighter
  • Four-wheel steering
  • The software in the ESC has been updated to react faster
  • A new Ego mode allows drivers to tweak the suspension and drivetrain settings individually to suit their personal preferences
  • Carbon ceramic brakes come as standard
  • Infotainment system now packs Apple CarPlay and new TFT digital dashboard can be customized

Now that we know what you will get how about if you want one? Well the official base price for South Africa is R7,488,000 which does not seem quite that bad. The thing with Lambo’s is that the options are pretty much endless and adding on a few nice to haves and this price can jump by as much as R1.5 million (if not more). The allocation to South Africa for this year has already been filled and sold, so if you are wanting one, you will need to be a little bit patient. First arrivals are expected in the 3rd quarter of 2017.

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