Christian von Koenigsegg’s Regera Configuration Inspired By His First Car

Koenigsegg has been posting a series of Regera creations of how employees would spec their hypercar but now the man himself, Mr. Christian von Koenigsegg, has shared his ideal Regera spec.

For the exterior, he went for a blue-tinted carbon fiber finish with gold leaf striping. Matching the gold striping are some seriouly sexy gold leaf wheels. You may be asking why blue and gold? Well simply because blue and yellow are the colors of the Swedish flag.

The interior of the hypercar is where it get’s more personal. The first car he ever owned was a black NA Mazda Mita with brown leather interior. Thus, the interior leather selection here. He actually owned that Miata with his girlfriend (back then) who is now his wife and COO of the company.

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