First Customer Bugatti Chiron’s Delivered – Already Sold 250 Units

We saw Bugatti throwing around many special editions of the Veyron to help them reach the 450 production examples so you would think having 500 units of the Chiron available for purchase was a bit of a stretch right? Well they have actually taken 250 orders already which means the Chiron is half-sold-out already. Not sure the next 250 will go as quickly but that is pretty impressive.

The first three customer cars are ready for delivery 12 months after the unveiling in Geneva last year and are part of the batch of just 70 cars to be built this year. Each Bugatti Chiron takes about six months to be built by a team of employees who get to play with more than 1,800 individual parts, on 12 stations, after customers have already selected their personal colour-combo. The video below this post is WELL worth the watch.

What you will get to see at the Geneva Motor Show is the special “Bleu Royal” Chiron where the VERY lucky owner will take delivery and drive her home after the show.


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