Koenigsegg Reckon A 6:40 Nurburgring Lap Is Achievable In The One:1

Nurburgring lap records are top of mind recently thanks to the controversy surrounding the lap completed by the Lamborghini Huracan Performante but Christian von Koenigsegg has fueled the fire by saying that his One:1 will be able to complete the infamous course in just 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

If you recall correctly, the One:1 had ABS failure while testing at the ‘Ring which resulted in a heavy crash. Mr. Koenigsegg spoke with Top Gear this week at the Geneva Motor Show and he had the following to say.

“When we were doing the One:1 practice runs, we were already under seven minutes, and that was a leisurely run. Everyone who drove the car said, ‘if we really push and hang our balls out, this is a 6:40 car. Then we had the stupid ABS failure, and we never got to prove it.”

That is quite the claim but he went on to say that the “practice laps weren’t even done on full power” and that they limited it to 900 horsepower. That means they still had another 460 hp on tap considering the One:1 pumps out 1,340 mighty horses.

So will we see an attempt from the Swedish hypercar manufacturer? “We still have the ambition,” he said. “Time is passing now. The One:1 [that crashed at the Nurburgring last year] belonged to a very good friend of mine and we’re now repairing it for him. So I’d have to ask him!”

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