How Can I Improve The Handling Of My Car?

Whether you’ve just purchased a car and aren’t keen on the way it drives or are just looking to upgrade your beloved motor, there’s actually a lot you can do to improve the handling of a car. Not only will doing so make it nice to drive but as a bonus, you’re also likely to improve fuel consumption, reduce tyre wear and make it safer on the roads too. Here are a few upgrades that won’t break that bank which will improve the handling of your car.

Give The Engine a Boost

If you want to reduce fuel consumption, improve how your car drives and boost engine power then a chip tuning box will be for you. There’s no complicated installation, in fact, it can be taken right out whenever you want with no risk of damage to the car. It’s a safe and easy way to boost your driving performance, and whether you’re after Land Rover, Hyundai or BMW tuning you can find them for all makes and models. Best of all it won’t wear out or reduce the lifespan of your car in any way.

Upgrade The Tyres

Tyres really do make all the difference. The climate where you live, the average weather conditions and what kind of roads you drive on will all influence the type of tyres you should get. Summer tyres are generally fitted as standard since they actually perform well all year around, but if you live in a very cold or snowy climate, you will likely want to upgrade them to winter snow and ice tyres. Alternatively, if you bought your car while living in one place and moved to another state or country, you should check the tyres are the best choice for the new climate. Your tyres need to be up to standard from a legal point of view, but they’re also essential for safety too- as well as impacting the way your car feels to drive.

Have The Wheels Realigned

It doesn’t take much to throw out your car’s wheel alignment; potholes, speed bumps, bumping up curbs to park. Once this happens it can affect the handling of the car, cause your tyres to wear unevenly and even increase fuel consumption. It’s something that can be done easily at any car garage and don’t cost much, you might even have it offered to you when you have new tyres fitted. It’s well worth doing and is a small change that could contribute to a big difference in the way the car drives.

Fit a Stabiliser Bar

An aftermarket accessory that’s easy to fit and makes all the difference. A stabilizer bar (also known as an anti-roll bar) tighten and strengthens parts of the chassis. So when you’re going round a bend or over road irregularities, it holds together the part that flexes offering added stability. When the body of the car remains flat on corners, there is no added pressure on the outside tyres which can reduce traction and throw out the wheel alignment.

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