The Future Of Automotive Technology

The automotive industry is advancing at an alarming rate. While we may be focusing on the speed in which the latest super car will go, the lengths people will go to own some of the most amazing vehicles on the road today, there is no getting away from the impending advancement of technology in all aspects of motoring. From the safety element to a car that will literally drive itself. To even the talks of spaceships in thousands of years to come, what does the future hold imminently for automotive technology? We thought we would explore that a little more.

Self drive cars that means on the road offices

Let’s get one thing out of the way, cars, at some point will be able to drive themselves. Right now the technology exists with the like of Uber piloting and test driving the system in the USA. But, it will a number of years before the car will be able to physically drive itself without any human interaction. But this means that more time will be freed up. You can now use your car as an office. Eat in it, sleep in it even, while still traveling from destination to another. It will certainly transform the daily commute into the office. Driverless cars will be here, it is only a matter of time, but what would be next?

Safety aspects improving with each modifications

As each addition comes onto the market from numerous cars and manufacturers one thing we always see a huge advancement on is technology. From ABS becoming as standard on most vehicles to traction control and brake assist. Even cars monitoring the road and detecting a potential impact warning you to press the brake. While these technologies will never stop an accident taking place, due to driver error being the main fault these days, car accident lawyers can rest assured that it certainly reduces the impact. Driver fault will never be something we can control, but the cars we sit in will certainly always be improved to protect us while we are driving them.

Cars that will park themselves

This is a technology we find on many cars nowadays, cars that can parallel park themselves by a touch of a button. The car technology analyses the space and dimensions in which it can fit into comfortably, and perform the maneuvering into the space. It can be a daunting technology to witness, but it is one step close to normalising a car that will drive itself.

Comprehensive vehicle tracking and GPS systems

Insurance companies and car manufacturers have joined forces to improve GBP and vehicle tracking systems. Cars with this sort of technology become less of an insurance threat meaning reduced premiums.

Active health monitoring systems

Finally, manufacturers such as Ford have developed technologies that can monitor your vital statistics form the seats and the seatbelt in which you wear. These systems will wirelss pair with phone devices and apps to monitor your heart rate and other health statistics while you drive your car.

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