Want To Change A Flat Tire? Here’s How!

Most every driver will get a flat tire at some point in their life so it is important to know how to safely change a tire. Perhaps it has happened to you already, and you’re looking for a way to do it yourself next time instead of calling up a professional service or a friend to do it. You will find that your car’s manufacturer has provided you with plenty of tools to change a tire but the tools must be used properly. In this guide, we’ll outline safe procedures for you to follow when you change a tire.

What to do:

1. If you think one of your tires has gone flat, pull off to the side onto a level surface (which means stay away from hills, please), put on your emergency flashers (also known as hazard lights), put the vehicle in park and set your emergency brake.

2. Now, find your spare tire and tools. Lug nuts that hold the flat tire’s rim on the axle need to be loosened a turn. To do this, use the tire tool when the wheel is still on the ground (very important!).

3. You may now jack your vehicle up in the air and you need to do this safely. First slide the jack under the vehicle and position it on a secure spot on the frame. The car’s owner’s manual can assist you in finding the best spot under the car’s frame.

4. Then slowly turn the handle on the jack until the tire is supported by it. Then, you can completely take off the lug nuts from the flat tire, then place them somewhere for safe keeping.

5. Now remove the tire from its axle. It might be heavy, so do this slowly and carefully. If your tire is sticking, it’s probably due to rust. You could try giving it a kick with your foot, but be careful and don’t lose your balance. You could also try to hit the tire’s inside with a rubber mallet to loosen it up, or you can use your spare tire to hit the outside half of the tire you’re trying to take off.

6. Once the flat tire is taken off the hub, lift the spare tire onto the screw studs, lining up the screws with the tire’s holes. Then screw on the lug nuts until they are tight.

7. Then lower the vehicle with the jack. According to this Langhorne, PA Subaru car dealership, you should lower it just enough so that the tire doesn’t spin.

8. Using the tire tool, tighten your lug nuts in an alternating pattern. Turn the log nuts to the right to tighten and put some strength into it! You want those lug nuts on tight.

9. After all the lug nuts are tight, lower the car all the way and remove the jack. Put all your supplies back in your car, and then go to the above-mentioned Subaru car dealer’s Service Department for a new, permanent tire.

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