Why Buying a Hybrid Car Makes Environmental and Financial Sense

A little over a decade ago, it was rare to see hybrids other than the pioneering Prius. Today, most major car brands offer one or several hybrid models. As a result, you have many more choices with the style of car you prefer–in your preferred price point. While the Toyota Prius and Honda Civic Hybrid are still the most popular of today’s current hybrid models, luxury manufacturers are starting to provide some stiff competition such as Lexus, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes. Even GMC and Chevrolet have hybrid versions of the Silverado and Sierra. Hybrid car owners often rate high levels of customer satisfaction along with long-term financial benefits. Here are some of the true benefits of purchasing a hybrid car.

Decrease your fuel costs

The price of gas goes up and down like a roller coaster. You just can’t tell from one day to the next if you’ll be saving money or having to use your savings just to have enough gas for your daily commute. Well, with hybrid cars, you get more peace of mind. One of the foremost benefits of owning a hybrid car is the gas savings. The reason is because it is a battery-assisted vehicle that doesn’t rely solely on gas.

If you have a long commute or love road trips, then a hybrid is perfect for you. Many hybrids offer steady-state cruising, and the battery kicks in when fuel is low or vice-versa. This is especially useful in bumper-to-bumper traffic. According to Fueleconomy.org, the Toyota Prius gets 50 MPG regardless of where you drive. Even other hybrids such as the Honda Civic Hybrid or the Ford Fusion Hybrid get over 40 MPG. When it costs over $1,000 annually for fuel, you feel good knowing you can save hundreds of dollars annually on gas.

Improve your emissions

Since you don’t have to purchase as much gas for a hybrid vehicle, you then have fewer emissions. As a result, you reduce the amount of greenhouse gas your car produces. You can feel proud that your hybrid car contributes to cleaner air, especially in major urban areas where heavy traffic emits a massive amount of atmospheric pollutants. In some states, hybrid car tailpipes are so efficient and clean that they don’t even have to submit to an annual emissions test–this also saves time and money.

Going green is cool

It was just a few years ago when gas prices skyrocketed, combine that with a recession, and everyone was desperate to save even a few dollars. While it is cool to be green, it also makes financial sense. Car manufacturers have taken notice and are increasing the number of models that come in the hybrid version. With technology and knowledge, we now realize that our earth’s resources are not finite. Not to mention, we can do a lot of damage from things we use every day such as our cars. This is why it is critical to go green, including driving a hybrid vehicle.

You won’t idle

Idling a car is a waste of fuel. Plus, it also contributes to smog and pollution in the air. Hybrid cars are different because they almost never idle their motors. This is due to the design of the car. Once the car has stopped, the internal combustion engine is immediately shut off to help conserve fuel and prevent further emissions. At this point, the battery pack takes over to power the climate systems and radio. When the car gets up to a quick enough speed, it reignites the gas engine. What you get is less pollution and better efficiency.

With the Toyota Prius, it does not have a starter, timing belt or an alternator. Plus, it costs less to replace the electric engine than it does a full gasoline engine. What you get is significant cost savings in maintenance costs.

Tax incentives

True some federal tax incentives for hybrids have phased out, but there are still states that offer tax benefits such as Illinois, Connecticut and Colorado. In addition, New York and Los Angeles offers toll and parking discounts for hybrid drivers.

You might even work for a company that reimburses you for purchasing a hybrid car. Check with your accountant to see if there are tax credits in your state for buying a hybrid car. You could find a substantial credit waiting for you.

Great torque

When you drive a hybrid vehicle, you’ll find that electric motors give the maximum torque in an instant. They don’t wait for the motor to rev up. As soon as you push the accelerator to the floor, each of its lb-ft is available. This is to ensure the cars keep up with the flow of traffic. You won’t have to worry about falling behind.

Understand the impact of driving

We may not realize how much fuel we waste simply by our driving habits. We weren’t trained to drive professionally, we’ve learned enough to get from point A to point B. With hybrid cars, you’ll learn how to brake more efficiently and to handle the throttle more gently. This is because you see the results of your driving habits on the monitor.

And, even more futuristic models of hybrids are coming into play such as the BMW plug-in hybrid called the 530e iPerformance. Looking at a 2018 release, this luxury hybrid will come with a charging pad you can install in your garage. Total charging time is around three and a half hours. The car’s infotainment dash display will give feedback and instructions to ensure you know when you have an optimal charging connection. Imagine that, easy and wireless charging. Not to mention, the charger is designed to prefer power from a customer’s supplied solar power.

Hybrid cars are far from weak. In fact, there are many high-performance hybrid cars on the market today. Plus, you’ll save costs on gas and maintenance. There really isn’t any reason to buy a car that isn’t a hybrid.

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