Oh Yeah! Ferrari’s V12 Will Remain Naturally Aspirated

We have all grown to adore the screaming sound of a V12 prancing horse so with all the downsizing and turbocharging it would only be a matter of time until the same happened to the 12-cylinder machines from Maranello.

Well company boss Sergio Marchionne has stated that Ferrari will always offer a V12 sans turbocharger. “We will always offer a V12,” said Marchionne. “Our head of engine programmes told me it would be absolutely nuts to [put a] turbocharger on the V12, so the answer is no. It [will be] naturally aspirated, with a hybrid [system].”

For example the new Ferrari 812 Superfast‘s V12 is “far under” the current EU6B emissions legislation that applies to the next four years.

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