RevoZport Do Their Thing On The Mercedes-Benz G63/G65 AMG

Merc’s AMG G-Class models are not exactly easy on the eye to begin with so nearly every tuner on the block has given it a bash to improve the cosmetics with RevoZport being the most recent.

Their package is available for both G63 and G65 AMG’s and as you can see the exterior pack gives it a much more muscular look with relatively subtle changes. The fenders are flared by an additional 70mm on each side which makes it nearly as wide as the G500 4×4².

At the front the custom sculpted carbon vented hood is rather prominent but it also features a smart rain water trap system to prevent water from splashing into the engine bay. At the bottom of the front apron you get a distinctive front splitter with additionally integrated LED daytime running lights.

Thanks to the extra-wide fenders, you can now ask RevoZport to fit the massive wheels from the 4×4² to your ‘regular’ AMG G-Wagon.

They did not stop with cosmetics either as they developed a power upgrade for both the V8 G63 and the V12 G65. This means the 63 goes from 580 to 650 horses and the 65 from 612 to a whopping 700 hp.

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