Would You Pay R4 Million For This BMW M3 CRT?

As mentioned in the title, this BMW M3 CRT has an asking price of $299,950 which equates roughly to R4 million but when it left the factory it cost just $65,000 (R800k). So why is the price tag so ridiculous?

Well it must be one of two things. The first being that it is one of 67 units in the entire world making it the rarest naturally-aspirated M3 you can own and it has been driven for a measly 250 miles (400km).

Secondly a price like this must be taken with a pinch of salt because it will not sell for that and if it does, you are either a complete nutter or missing a very important piece of your BMW collection puzzle.

As a reminder the BMW M3 CRT (Carbon Racing Technology) was essentially an M3 GTS sedan built using copious amounts of carbon, including carbon fibre reinforced plastic technology which made it 70 kg lighter than the regular E90 M3.

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