Aston Martin Prepping Supercar To Take On The Ferrari 488

Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin, is on a roll with a whole bunch of new models planned and a new financing agreement has allowed the manufacturer to plough money into a mid-engined Ferrari 488 rival.

While speaking to Auto Express, Palmer revealed their strategy for seven core new models in 7 years (2023) when the DB11 will be replaced bu the DB12. “We have one car every year for the next seven years. It starts with our GT cars: DB11, Vantage and Vanquish,” explained Palmer.

“In 2019 we’ll have DBX, then we’ll have, for the sake of argument, let’s call it a [Ferrari] 488 competitor. Then we have Lagonda, which is Lagonda One and Lagonda Two. Each car has a seven-year life, so in 2023 you have DB12.”

Take a look at their product timeline below

  • 2017 – V8 Vantage
  • 2018 – DB11 Volante and Vanquish
  • 2019 – DBX and Valkyrie
  • 2020 – Mid-engined supercar
  • 2021 – Lagonda 1
  • 2022 – Lagonda 2
  • 2023 – DB12


Source Auto Express
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