Audi Prove Their Worth With The Latest Reincarnation Of The A4

Audi has long been on the front of the luxury car game. If you want something with both sport and style, Audi should be a go-to contender. Their cars are classy, yet swift, and stand alongside top manufacturers such as Jaguar and Mercedes. When you consider that, it’s hard to believe that Audi is part of the same manufacturing group which release Volkswagen camper vans!

While Audi graces us with a variety of winning models, their all time bestselling option is the A4. In March of this year, the fifth-generation of this design was released, and so far, so good for the rebrand. If you haven’t yet considered this iconic car, it’s past time you got to know a little more about it.

Coming in at $34,900-$39,400, this is no cheap design. Then again, it’s easy to see why. There’s good reason this car has become a staple in the parking lot of any golf club – it’s a sure way to show the world what you’re about. The impressive design has always been a highlight, with Audi’s iconic grill giving this car its overbearing power.

The new model looks much the same as its forefathers, but it does have some welcome additions. For one, all new body panels ensure this design is neat and striking. It is worth noting that the new model is an inch longer and half an inch wider, but you wouldn’t know it from looking. And, despite the increased size, the 2017 models are up to 20kg lighter than they were in a previous life. This is thanks to a hybrid aluminium exterior and reduced engine sizes.

With regards to driving, this design also holds merits worth noting. While this car is incredibly customizable, the standard engine has 148bhp and a 2.0-litre engine. The handling is secure, with consistent weight, and an engine so quiet you wonder if it’s there at all. The only downside to the drive itself is that fun is not the aim of the game here. If you enjoy a fast driving experience down quiet roads, this Audi isn’t for you. But, if you want something that gets the job done, and looks good doing it, then don’t hesitate.

Details aside, though, the thing that really turns the new A4 into a car worth noticing is its safety features. In fact, U.S. News went as far as to say that this is the safest small car you can buy. Audi’s Pre-sense Basic is fitted on all models. It closes windows and tightens seatbelts in the event of a crash. There is also a cruise control system, which adjusts speed when speed zones change, and will make any DUI attorney shout for joy. And, you can even opt for a blind spot alert, which alerts you whenever other cars get near your rear.

So, you see, Audi is only getting better with every incarnation of the A4. If you haven’t given this iconic masterpiece the time of day, what are you waiting for?

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