Dubuc Motors’ Tomahawk To Hit 60MPH In 2 Seconds

The last time I read about Dubuc Motors, they were trying to raise capital through crowdfunding and as it turns out they are still taking on investors.

The big news is that they have announced the Tomahawk electric supercar will go into production next year and will to 0 to 60 mph in just 2 seconds. This usually means a 0 to 100km/h sprint of 2.1 seconds which is simply sensational.

With four electric motors, the all-wheel-drive EV produces 800 horsepower and a earth-turning 1,355 Nm of torque. The “demented acceleration” is available in Race mode only as Street mode achieves the same sprint in just 4 seconds.

If the performance did not blow you away, then what bout the 595 km range that the 100-kWh lithium-ion battery will provide.

It will be luxurious yet sporty and will come with a lot of nice to have’s such as touchscreen, hands free controls, collision avoidance and emergency braking to name a few.

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