Fiat 500L: The Family Car No Parents Should Trust

We are in the business of telling you just how awesome the latest models of your favourite cars are. We get a buzz from telling you just how practical this is and how fast that is, how well so and so handles and how mind-blowing the infotainment system in such and such is. That’s what makes what we do so great. But every so often we come across a car that stands out for all the wrong reasons and today that car is the Fiat 500L.

But before we get into all that is horrendous on this front, we will do the decent thing and delve into best bits which, in the case of the 500L, is limited to the practicality. It is spacious. No one can deny that. What’s more, it also offers great flexibility with the seating layout and that is exactly what families want from a family car. In fact, research shows that this class-leading practicality is the main reason why this model sold so well in mainland Europe.

Now onto the more damning factors that should have all your internal alarm bells ringing, especially if you are part of this car’s main demographic, which are parents who are concerned about the well-being of your little ones. The reason for this is, according to Consumer Reports, the Fiat 500L is the worst rated compact vehicle, which means you’ll probably need to have Joshua Haffner injury lawyers on speed dial from the moment you drive out of the showroom; if you make it out of the showroom that is. The reason we say that is because, Not only does it suck in a crash, but it also received the worst reliability rating of any new car in 2016. Oh, and just so you know, more than 741,000 models were surveyed in 2016, so to come out as the worst is exceptionally dreadful. Three-quarters of a million and this one were all the way down at the bottom. Wowzer.

Let’s delve into the Consumer Report a little bit more, though, and find out just why it scored so badly. Well, first off, it’s road test results were abysmal because of what is commonly cited as flat seats that are marred even further by a truly uncomfortable driving position that makes the rather important task of driving this hatchback rather difficult.

Next on the list is the  IIHS small-overlap frontal test. For anyone that doesn’t know what this is, it is a test that is specifically designed to mimic what happens when the front corner of the car in question collides with something, like another car, or a tree, or maybe a rhinoceros or something. The whole point is to see how good the seat belt and airbag works at a modest 40 mph. To give it to you straight, the Fiat 500L didn’t score very well, not at all. In fact, it was yet more evidence that even the most modern safety features don’t make much difference, which isn’t something any parent wants to hear when they are shopping around for a family car.

Sure, this model may be able to fit you and your three children, as well as a pushchair and all the luggage you could possibly need, but what’s the point when the reliability and safety are so dismal.

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