Aston Martin Drops Loads Of Official Valkyrie Shots and Info

The Aston Martin Red Bull hypercar now known as the Valkyrie is being billed with performance that will redefine road cars but until now we have only been teased with concepts and unofficial shots.

Aston Martin has just released a whole host of shots seen in the gallery below which shows the Valkyrie in it’s most production-ready form yet. The exterior has been updated with actual headlights and tailights, along with some aerodynamic tweaks. The car now has a fully finished interior with steering wheel, seats, and instrumentation.

So what new information can we gather from the pics (or stated by Aston)?

  • Cockpit is taller to make it more comfortable for occupants
  • Flanks have been simplified
  • New air scoop on top of the car
  • Wheels feature full covers (must be for aerodynamic purposes)
  • Head and taillights now feature (30 to 40 percent lighter than any Aston Martin light)
  • Regular badge was ‘too heavy’ so they laser etched one from 70 micron thick aluminium*
  • Cabin is a carbon fibre pod from the future
  • Seats bolted directly to the floor (passengers sit reclined with feet slightly raised)
  • Steering wheel is removable and features every single control and display needed
  • Mirrors will be replaced with cameras

This car is really getting collectors, future owners and petrol heads hot under the collar. The performance figures they are talking are simply astonishing and 2018 cannot come soon enough to see the final product between Aston Martin and Red Bull.

*Human hair is about 100 microns

Aston Martin Valkyrie

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