Share And Share Alike: How To Drive Next To Trucks

Cars aren’t the only vehicles on the road. From motorcycles to push bikes, today’s cities and streets are congested with traffic. And, that’s before the trucks arrive. HGVs are massive things which take up the majority of any road. Even on the highway, it isn’t comfortable driving next to one. Plus, truck drivers are the boss and they know it. The key is to share the road amicably for your sake and the sake of every other motorist.

Below are the ways a driver of a car can share the road with a truck. Buckle up because it might be a bumpy ride.

Always Give Way

No matter which car has the right away, a truck driver will always take the initiative. The reason is simple: they are bigger than any other vehicle. Because of their size, they don’t mind a fender bender as the truck won’t come off worse. They might be in the wrong, but there is no point writing a car off just because you’re stubborn. Whether you like it or not, they are the kings of the road and require a special dispensation. Otherwise, the results could be pretty damaging to your little Prius.

Slow Down

Driving at 30 mph is fine when it is you and a regular car on opposite sides of the asphalt. When it’s an eighteen wheeler with a heavy load, 30 mph is 10 to 15 mph too much. Any truck accident attorney will tell you that an accident involving a truck is down to speed. They are happy to maintain theirs because of their size, and drivers don’t realize the consequences of not slowing down. A crash, or at least a scratch or a scrape is inevitable. Rather than sticking to the speed limit, be extra cautious and reduce your speed further. Should anything happen, it gives you more control than a ten-ton truck.

Get Out Of The Slipstream

If you have ever driven next to a truck on the freeway, you’ll know the feeling. It’s as if a gust of wind is battering the side of your vehicle and trying to push you over. Then, there are the powerful vibrations which come through the steering wheel. All of these things make it virtually impossible to steer safely and keep the car on the road. Therefore, it’s always savvy to move over into another lane and out of the truck’s way. By speeding up and overtaking it, there is no reason to stay in its slipstream.

Underestimate Clearance

Trucks are huge, and they are as wide as they are long. From a distance, they never seem as big as when you are up close and personal. So, it’s better to underestimate their size than to overestimate. When you do this, you’re more likely to slow down and stop and let the truck through than to continue on your merry way. Even if it doesn’t result in an accident, it’s a lot of hassle to reverse backward for the sake of a truck. If the road is busy, it can bring everything to a standstill.

The next time you come across a truck, remember this advice.

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