Car Modifications Every Man Should Try Before He Reaches 25

It’s a typical lad’s thing to want to modify the first few cars that they own so that they can show off their hard work to their friends. However, this usually consists of a dodgy spoiler slung on the back that rattles as they drive along. In this article, is going to be some of the car modifications that every man should try before he reaches the age of 25.

Sound system

Having a decent sound system fitted in your car will be sure to impress all of your friends, all while being able to listen to your favourite music in high quality. Sound systems are easier than you’d imagine to fit thanks to thorough instruction manuals and online tutorials that are widely available. If you’re looking to add a super sound system to your car, head over to Halfords to check out their range and see what you can get your hands on!

Body modifications

While spoilers on cars were mentioned earlier, if body modifications are done correctly then they can really spice up the look of your car, making it look more sporty. If adding body modifications are something that you would like to add to your car, it’s always best to head over to a auto body shop to get the work done professionally. This way you can guarantee none of it will rattle or fall off as soon as a large gust of wind hits it. Remember to be wary of how low any modifications make your car, otherwise you may struggle getting over speed bumps!


Having stylish and more importantly, matching alloys can really vamp up the look of your car and also add value to it if you ever come to sell it. They are super easy to get your hands on, and even easier to fit to your wheels. Thankfully, they are widely available in many auto stores and depending on the chain of stores, they may offer to fit them for you! Check out these killer alloys on the Apollo IE – if only we could afford that right?

Angel eyes

If you’re unfamiliar with the term angel eyes, they are modded headlights for your car that add a bit of pazazz to your car. Be wary that if they aren’t angled correctly they can actually be illegal in some countries, so make sure you get this checked when you’re taking your car in for servicing. They will add extra style and value to your car, and they will also certainly get some heads turning while you’re rocking about in your car!

Consider trying at least one of these four modifications to your car, and see how much you enjoy the look of your newly pimped up ride! Remember to make sure that all of your modifications are legal in your country, so check out the regulations before putting anything on your car. Let out the inner lad inside of you, and mod up your car to the max before it’s too late!


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