This McLaren F1 Just Sold For R200 Million At Auction

McLaren f1 record auction

The McLaren F1 you are seeing above and below was the very first F1 imported into the United States in 1996 where the owner bought it brand new from the factory.

It is just hit the auction block and sold for an eye-watering $15.2 million (around R200 million) thanks to Bonhams auction house.

Offered by its original owner, the legendary supercar is in impeccable condition and has all of its service records, including one from just last month.

The car is a 1995 unit with just 9,600 miles on the clock half of them came from a European road trip the owner took right after buying the car. This car is the 37th F1 produced and still wears its original silver exterior and black/grey leather interior.

This F1 was converted to be road legal in the US shortly after purchase, but has been returned to its original form for the auction. All of the conversion pieces, however, were saved. Only seven of the 64 F1s produced were federalized for US roads.

Source Autoblog
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