Duke Dynamics Tease Limited Ferrari F12 Wide Body Kit

Duke Dynamics are responsible for producing some fairly outlandish products as well as some absolutely cracking creations but I think taking a look at these renderings, this one is a bit of a mixture of those.

The wide body kit is built for the Ferrari F12berlinetta and if you want one, you will need to act fairly fast as they are limiting it to just 15 units.

The kits are manufactured from pre-preg carbon fibre which is a process where the fibre is pre-impregnated with resin at a production facility. It is then rolled on spools, and frozen to prevent the resin from curing prematurely. This material is than cut and hand laid into a mold to the proper thickness and cured at strictly controlled temperatures. This process creates a laminate with a precisely controlled resin volume and in turn is 20-30% stiffer and stronger than an equivalent thickness wet laminate process.

The F12 is a seriously good looking piece of kit in standard form and I have seen some kits that give it an even better edge but for me this goes the other way in terms of looks especially at the front. The rear 3/4 is a hit with the TDF styled arches and the rear-wing looks totally bad-ass.

Do you agree?

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