Wide Open Spaces: When is a Toy Hauler the Best Choice for Your Travel Needs?

Do you love spending time in the great Canadian outdoors? If so, you likely have a healthy amount of outdoor toys — ATVs, snowmobiles, motorbikes, and camping gear — in your garage that you haul out frequently to head into the open away from people and cities. How do you haul all of those big toys? Balance it all in the bed of your pickup? Try to stuff it in the back of your SUV? Or tie it precariously to the top of your vehicle?

Well, there’s a better way to get your toys to where you want them when you are ready for an outdoor retreat. A toy hauler is an excellent RV add-on specifically designed to haul all manner of outdoor recreational equipment. You don’t need to have an RV to use it because you can attach it to the back of your truck or SUV.

The toy hauler is designed as a portable garage. So, if you are traveling by RV, it’s a great tool to have because it allows you to store large equipment in a safe compartment that doesn’t take up space inside the motorhome. It also keeps your toys from being exposed to the elements and hides them from the greedy eyes of would-be thieves. There are many toy haulers for sale in BC (British Columbia), so local residents are sure to find one that meets their needs.

So, when is using a toy hauler right for you? There are several cases.

First, the toy hauler is perfect as a simple utility cargo trailer. If you are traveling with large living-style equipment, such as a portable stove, portable toilet, sleeping bags, tents, etc., you may not want all of that stuff cluttering space inside your vehicle — especially if you have others traveling with you. A toy hauler can be used to store and transport excess equipment and luggage, especially if you don’t need it on the road, but once you get to your destination.

Second, the toy hauler is perfect if you see yourself traveling through inclement weather. A toy hauler will protect your precious toys from rain, hail, lightning, and snow. This is important especially for equipment with electric parts which can be permanently damaged by wet weather. Now, your favorite toys can be hauled in safe, dry conditions no matter the weather.

Third, toy haulers don’t just have to be used to haul toys. Business people who travel a lot and have to make demonstrations often use toy haulers to carry along a showcase of products wherever they go. The business person doesn’t have to spend precious time setting up their showcase at each new location.

According to Family RV USA, “In the beginning, a toy hauler was a basic trailer for carrying heavy loads of snowmobiles, quads, and other small outdoor recreational vehicles to a place where their owners could enjoy them. Since then, some of them have developed into so much more. You can purchase a toy hauler with just the basics, or you can buy one with all of the space and amenities of a Class A Motorhome, plus the advantage of having a built-in garage to go.”

Clearly, toy haulers are versatile and have a lot of uses. What will you do with yours?

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