Five Tips To Help Keep Car Paint In Good Condition

Picking up a new car is exciting. Before you even start to drive you get to admire the gleam of the paintwork. But, how do you retain that look, and guard against potential hazards from nature, and the world around you?

It’s not always easy to protect a car’s paintwork; even something as simple as a hail storm, or a flying piece of gravel, can cause damage. But, there are things that you can do which can help to keep that gleam for as long as possible.

Park in the right place

If you have a garage, it’s easy to protect your car when you are home. But, what about when you need to park elsewhere? If possible, it’s best to park your car in a parking area with a roof. If you are not able to do this, make sure you do not park underneath trees, or anywhere that birds can perch. Doing this can help you avoid the damage that can be caused to a car’s paintwork, by bird droppings.

Remove deposits as soon as you can

If you do ever spot that a bird has pooped on your car, make sure that you remove the droppings as soon as possible, using a moist, soft cloth. Leave the cloth to lie on the droppings for a few minutes, if you have problems removing them initially. The same applies to any deposits that appear on your car’s paintwork.

Wash the car regularly

It’s important to wash your car once a week. Doing so helps to remove dirt and deposits so that they do not get a chance to build up and cause damage. Use a mild detergent when you wash your car, and stick to doing the job by hand. Many professional car washes use brushes that can be abrasive and harsh chemicals.

Polish the car, for shine and protection

You do not need to polish your car, as often as you wash it. Every six months is normally often enough to apply new polish to the paintwork, to help protect it and restore its shine. Make sure that you follow the right process for polishing your car, in order to get good quality results.

Use a protective coating

One of the best ways of protecting the condition of your car’s paintwork is to apply a ceramic paint coating. Doing so helps to prevent issues with etching by substances such as bird deposits. It also protects the gleam of the paintwork, so that your car retains the sparkle that it had when you first bought it.

Protecting your car’s paintwork is not just about helping you to look good as you drive around; it’s also about protecting your investment. As with any area of car maintenance, paying attention to doing a good job can help you obtain a good price, should you ever want to sell the vehicle. It’s worth putting in some effort, to make sure that your car retains its value as much as possible.

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