3 Ways To Transport Your Exotic Cars

When you own an exotic piece of machinery you generally spare no expense to get it around the country and in some cases around the globe but what are the various transport options available to these lucky owners?

Flat Bed Truck

Although the most popular option for regular cars you will not see too many exotics on the back of a flat bed truck some people like to save money by opting for the cheapest method of moving their prized possession.

PRO’s: Cheap, fast to arrange

CON’s: Damage as vehicle is exposed to the elements on the back, only one car can fit

Inside Enclosed Truckexotic car shipping from A-1 Auto Transport

The most popular method for transporting your exotic car is to pop it into an enclosed truck container, strap it down and send your baby on her way. Although it is a little bit more expensive than a flat bed truck, there is little to no chance of any damage happening. Very good transport companies will tie the car down so movement is limited when on the road.

PRO’s: Reliable, efficient and multiple cars can fit in one truck

CON’s: Slightly more expensive option than flat bed



For the few individuals around the world who need to get their machine to a new destination in double quick time this is for you. It is also the solution to move your assets to locations that are very hard to get to by road.

PRO’s: Fast delivery, possible in difficult locations

CON’s: Very expensive, helicopter sizes limit how many cars you can pack

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