The Best Car Shows In The World That Should Be On Your Bucket List

They say when you have not been into at least one car show in your life, you cannot consider yourself as a car enthusiast. That sounds offensive, doesn’t it? True enough, many car shows today are now open to the general public, whether they are automobile hobbyists or just simple lurkers. Nowadays, car shows are held in malls and event venues that are publicized in mass media. At the same time, there are also exclusive automobile events that are only slated to be held for invited guests.

Aside from the attractive women luring spectators to take a look at the cars, the highlight of each show really depends on how it was arranged. No car event is created equal. If you are a seasoned car enthusiast, are you certain you have attended all the popular car shows in the world? Here’s some of the best ones that should be on your bucket list.

Tokyo Motor Show – October to November in Japan

 Japan’s imprint into the world of car manufacturing is significant. The country is home to a lot of vehicle brands such as Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Mazda, Lexus, and Honda Motor Company. Notice that almost all of the cost-efficient cars – compared to the luxury ones – on the road today come from Japanese manufacturers. And not just those cars used by families. These brands also cater to businesses through providing trucks, delivery vans, and more.

Many websites list down Tokyo Motor Show, held every October to November in Japan, on the bottom of the list of the best ones, despite the grandeur of the event and the effort put into preparing it. For each year that it hosts a show, different concept cars and new collections are unveiled to car enthusiasts and members of the media around the world.

The Auto Shanghai – Held recently in April in China

 If you are looking to see cars that exude value, innovation and unmatched sophistication at the same time, head over to Auto Shanghai in China. While this East Asian nation is not a popular place in terms of car manufacturing like Japan, many car brands look into this country as an ideal location for car shows because of the wide market that patronizes their products. The Auto Shanghai show was first held in 1985 and since then, has attracted visitors from all over the world.

When the 2017 edition was held in April, there were three different events that opened exclusively for particular groups. The first batch of attendees took part in the press and VIP preview, followed by the preview held for trade visitors. It was only during the last four days that the show was opened to the general public.

The Auto China – Held recently in April in Beijing, China

 Interestingly enough, there are two major auto shows held in China alternately in biennial terms. During the year when Auto Shanghai takes a break, consumers head over to Beijing to see Auto China, an event that gathers both production and concept cars from different brands. The most recent one was held in 2016, featuring models such as Audi TT RS Coupe, BMW X1 LWB, DS 4S, Jaguar XF L, Lexus IS, Nissan Tiida, Porsche 718 Cayman S, and more. Some of the concept cars showcased that year included the Chery FV2030 Concept, LeEco LeSee Concept, and many others.

The International Geneva Motor Show – Next show in March 2018, Switzerland

 From Asia, let’s head over to Europe where some of the best car shows are also taking place. The next International Geneva Motor Show will be held in March 2018, bringing together car experts and major officials from different brands. This event is one of the oldest historically, and dates back in the early 1900s. Despite the proliferation of many Asian car brands, it is important to note that Europe had earlier encounters with car manufacturing, especially during the Industrial Revolution.

Paris Motor Show – Next show in October 2018, France

 Paris is more than just the world’s fashion capital – it is also the world’s most famous destination for automobiles. The Paris Motor Show blends both art and elegance, mirroring the legacy of this French capital to the global industry. This is the first car show ever held in the world, with events held as early as the 1890s.

In 2018, the Paris Motor Show will hold its 120th anniversary along with the unveiling of new concept cars and production vehicles. During the event, Paris expo Porte de Versailles will play host to this spectacle and right now, renovation projects are being done to accommodate the arrival of guests from different parts of the world.

North American International Auto Show – Usually held every January in Michigan, United States

 The American market also has contributions to the world’s car industry with leading brands such as Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler and Dodge. Plus, who would forget about Cadillac and Jeep? Slated to be held on January 14 to January 21, 2018, the next North American International Auto Show will hold true to its legacy over the years.

As one of the leading car shows in the United States, this spectacle will feature both cars and trucks from North American brands and introduce them to the international market. The highlight is on the brands enumerated earlier but there are also instances when they feature others from Asia and Europe.

Chicago Auto Show – Held every February in Illinois, United States

When you ask certain hobbyists about cars, you’ll hear them mention Chicago. This city is known for its basketball legacy and contribution to a lot of sports. But in terms of automobiles, it will certainly still be a front-runner. A trip to this city will take you to roads filled with hybrid and luxury cars. But when February of each year comes, people gather at the Chicago Auto Show which is touted as the largest car event in the United States.

To attend just one of these is a great fulfillment for a car enthusiast. For a more affordable type of vehicular fulfilment, check out an Avida Caravans Sale. Also, if you consider yourself a car enthusiast, hopefully this list gets your gears turning so that you update your bucket list right away.

 Jimmy Green Jimmy is a camping enthusiast who enjoys the great outdoors on the weekends. If he has time off work you can be sure he’s in his campervan and onto his next adventure. He currently writes for and loves to share his experiences with anyone who shares his passion for the great outdoors.

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