The Safest Supercars On The Market Today

Safety is a significant concern for all road users, and that doesn’t change if you have a lot of money to spend. Some of the world’s most popular supercars can travel at astonishing speeds, and so anyone who plans to invest during the next few months will want to ensure they select an automobile that will keep them safe on the roads. Below, you will find three of the best models available right now.

Ferrari 488 GTB

Nothing says “class” like a Ferrari 488 GTB. The model receives consistently positive reviews, and it also has a fantastic safety rating according to most supercar websites. If you want something stylish that will protect you and everyone else in the vehicle – look no further. Prices start from £197,418 in the UK, but some people manage to save money by importing them from abroad.

Porsche 911 GT3

Apart from being the car of choice for James Bond, the Porsche 911 design has gone from strength to strength during the last few decades. Their new 911 GT3 edition has some of the most advanced safety technology on the roads today, and the vehicles are rarely involved in any severe collisions. Prices start from just over £111,000.

Audi R8

The German carmaker Audi has worked hard during the last couple of decades to compete with the likes of Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz. The design boffins working for the brand have excelled themselves with the latest Audi R8 model. The vehicle comes with driver, passenger, and rear airbags as standard, and it also uses an onboard computer to assist with parking and other safety issues. Prices start at £110,000.

Now you know about some of the safest supercars on the market, be sure to consider this information when making your selection. Also, take a look at the infographic below if you want to learn more about the importance of road safety.

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