Wide Body Range Rover Velar Thanks To Aspire Design

Lumma Design were first to offer a body kit for the new Range Rover Velar but it looks like Aspire Design are offering something a lot meaner looking! This bespoke Range Rover Velar body kit of theirs is the first wide body Velar program on the market.

They decided to enhance the Velar by giving it extra width and stance by adding extended wheel arches and lower door mouldings. The custom Aspire rear bumper really gives the Velar a more aggressive look and helps shape up the rear end along with the quad exhaust system that just gives it that meaner edge.

The kit consists of the following;

  • Front bumper (with daytime running lights)
  • Diffuser
  • Extended wheel arches
  • Custom front grille with Aspire lettering
  • Custom rear bumper
  • Performance exhaust system for much better tone
  • 2 rear spoilers
  • 22/23/24″ Aspire Forged wheels can be customised to any alloy finish

Aspire Design also offer a carbon fibre pack to give it an even more exclusive look.

When the Velar came out I was highly impressed with the styling and as sleek as it is in standard form this kit really takes it up a notch in the presence category. It looks absolutely brilliant (especially in bright orange)!


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