Mercedes-Benz C-Class Gets A Facelift

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class achieved record sales last year and now it is being treated to a facelift for 2018. Although the information you will read below is from Mercedes themselves, they frustratingly withheld details regarding the engine and chassis for now.

  • The bumpers have been simplified with a cleaner, more open design
  • Bumper trim-strip finished in silver or chrome
  • AMG Line cars get a more aggressive, bespoke front apron; at the rear the changes are even more subtle

Among the tech revisions, Mercedes has upgraded the optional Intelligent Light System with the latest iteration of Multibeam LED headlights. Each headlight cluster is made up of 84 individual LEDs that can adjust in response to specific traffic environments, such as a brightly-lit urban area or poor weather conditions.

Minor cockpit changes revolve around the infotainment and instrument cluster.

Those who specify the Driving Assistance Pack will benefit from Mercedes’s latest semi-autonomous technology. Using a combination of navigation, adaptive cruise control and an array of sensors and cameras, the new Mercedes C-class can monitor and control its speed in appropriate situations, for example on approach to a roundabout.

What do you think about the subtle styling changes?

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