Ford 2018 Mustang Shelby GT 350

Isn’t ford the most loved car of all times? From your granddad to your cousin all of them have loved it at some point. Ford Shelby GT350 is like a dream come true. What will be your reaction when you get a Ford Mustang with a race track ready framework? Its V-8 engine, special splitters, and stretched scoops are the features you would love. The V-8 can power down by 526-hp and the six-speed gear manual box are the main attractions. There are things you need to know about Ford 2018 Mustang Shelby GT 350 before you plan to buy it or not buy it.

About Mustang Shelby GT 350

Unlike our ordinary Mustang, the 2018 model hasn’t been refreshed from inside out, instead, it’s identical to the 2017 model. You must be wondering what is new about it then. Well, there are three new colors to choose from; Lead foot grey, orange fury and Kona blue. It is here to live another year through the certainty of adding another year after that is less. Shelby GT350 was revived in 2016 after 50 years of retirement. The transcended performance has added it to the list of the 10 best cars list. The changes introduced in 2017 weren’t big but significant. They made the track package standard which involves a rear spoiler, aluminium strut-tower brace, and adaptive dampers, coolers for engine oil, Torsen differential, and transmission. The advancement in the coolers helps tackle the heating issues on tracks. The technology package turned into the electricity package in 2017.

Updated Options:

You can get your own personally customized Mustang which is going to be different from the other Mustang GT. The track-focused GT can cost you a little extra but is highly customized. The standard equipment’s in a GT350 are:

  • Coolers for the differential, engine oil, and transmission
  • Brembo front-brake callipers
  • Recaro front sport seat
  • Adaptive dampers

You can always buy a Ford from an outlet, but you need to make sure that your dealer considers your requirements. Buying a Ford GT350 isn’t just getting a car or a track ready car but getting a beast and you wouldn’t want to compromise with it. You can find dealers in your area who deal with Ford cars. If you are located anywhere in NC, look for Ford dealerships in NC and get your dream car home. The specifications are sure to blow your mind off.

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