How The Airbag Recall Affects The South African Driver

With an estimated 19,000 Mazdas affected by the recent recall, the response from South Africans has been a little slow. The recall comes after investigations into the airbag company, Takata Corporation, revealed flaws in its product. It affected other car brands as well, but for the South African motorist, the Mazda is of top concern. Models that are affected include the Mazda2, Mazda6, and Mazda RX-8.

Slow Response Rate A Danger To Passengers

Only 9% of Mazda owners in South Africa have taken their vehicles back to the dealerships for inspection. Although not all the cars were affected by the recall, it’s better to be cautious especially where the safety of passengers could be compromised. Not only do owners of the vehicles face loss or injury where their passengers are concerned in the event of an accident, but also the potential of a lawsuit if they were aware of the recall but failed to respond. Airbags have become a standard feature in most new vehicles and the carnage on the roads show that these safety devices are integral to the survival of the inhabitants of a car in the event of a road accident

Legal Ramifications and Medical Expenses 

The nature of a car accident is that it’s never planned, which means it can happen at any time. Whether the fault of the driver, another driver, or just a freak accident, medical emergencies are often the outcome. For Mazda, being aware that there may potentially be something faulty with their vehicles places the onus on them to ensure their customers have the opportunity to have it resolved. In the case of Mazda’s recall last year, owners were informed but then the onus shifts to the owner to take the vehicle in for inspection. 

Toyota Joins In To Recall Over 700,000 Vehicles

Over 700,000 vehicles across ten models were recalled by Toyota earlier this year. The issue also happens to be a faulty airbag, which places a lot of pressure on dealerships. Luxury brand Lexus is also affected by the recall and this could have disastrous effects on the perceived safety of the brand.

No one likes to think of the effects of an accident, but with millions of drivers on the road, it’s imperative that safety remains a top priority. The apathy of South African drivers to have their vehicles checked out due to the recall notice is alarming. Drivers who are aware of the recall and choose not to act on it may have to face regret in the event of an accident.

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