Top Tips for Maintaining Your Car

Having your own car is the first step to freedom, whether it be your first one, or a more expensive model you have saved up to buy for years. In any case, your car is like a child, which needs constant care and attention. This may seem impossible when you have other commitments throughout the week, and a small budget on which to do them. Yet, if you can solve problems early on, or prevent them from happening altogether, you can stop them from turning into anything bigger. Luckily, there are a few simple checks you can carry out on most days, which will take up a short space of time, but will also ensure the best maintenance of your car.

 Replace the anti-freeze fluid

The coolant in your car shouldn’t need replacing more than two or three times a year, but is crucial in keeping your car running in cold winter months and boiling summer days. This is why you need to check the levels are where they should be at because you don’t want to risk your car not being able to start the moment temperatures drop below zero. It is also a big danger sometimes to have your car cut out in high heat. By topping up coolant levels to where they should be, this can be a weight off your mind in extreme weather.

Inspect oil levels

It isn’t just your coolant levels that need to be checked regularly. In fact, maintaining the right oil levels is crucial to the wellbeing of your vehicle. Having the right level of oil means your car won’t meet any unwanted friction near the engine, but you should watch out for the colour of the oil, too. If it is your usual brown or amber colour, then it shows your car is clean in the inside. If it is black, then you might need to take it for a deep clean to remove any sludge from the inside, or for an inspection to make sure there isn’t another severe internal issue.

Check your wheels

Without a sturdy set of wheels, your vehicle isn’t going to be of any use and can cause immeasurable problems when you are on the road. Yet having such wheels is one of the easiest parts to keeping your car in top condition. Every day, it’s wise to have a once over of your car to make sure the wheels don’t have a puncture, are inflated to a suitable level, and are set up with the best wheel nut indicators if you are operating a heavier vehicle than most.

Take it for a clean

Often, the best way to spot any ongoing issues with your car is to keep it clean. With grime in the way, you sometimes can’t see the issues that are being hidden. Having an external clean, and sometimes an internal one, is the best way of taking a deeper look at the way your car works. If you spot a problem this way, you can take it to get sorted before it becomes anything bigger.

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