Why Understanding Impaired Driving Is So Important

Impaired driving has ruined thousands of lives over the years, yet it is nearly always a preventable

problem. When one’s mind is impaired with alcohol, the individuals does not think clearly and cannot make good decisions. Therefore, the individual sees no problem in driving while drunk. Instead of becoming used to these car accident statistics that are so disturbing, use these five following reasons to understand why impaired driving is important and how it can affect your life.

It Is a Lot Easier to Do Than You Would Think

There are many times when you may think that your reasoning is not impaired by alcohol when in actuality your blood alcohol content is far above the legal limit for driving. This can happen more easily if you are drinking quickly, if you are not eating anything along with your drink or if you are given a larger drink than usual.

It Affects So Many People

You have surely heard many stories about people who have been affected by a drunk driver, yet you may mistakenly believe that it could never happen to you. Sadly, statistics show that two out of three people will be involved in a drunk driving accident at some point in their lives. In the U.S. alone, 28 people’s lives are lost daily in drunk driving collisions.

It Can Change Your Life

Whether you are the one at fault or are the victim, an impaired driving accident can significantly affect your life. It could take your life, leaving your family with no one to care for them. If your life is spared, you may still have many medical needs, bills and legal issues. If you are charged as the impaired driver, you may lose your license and be left with criminal charges.

It Can Be Reduced

Despite these sad statistics, there is some good news. Impaired driving can be reduced, and you can be the one with whom this starts. First, make sure that you are never the one driving after drinking too much. Know how much you can drink safely, and never take a drink immediately before getting behind the wheel. Additionally, offer to be the designated driver for your group, and never participate in or encourage drinking games.

Whether you are at a restaurant or are hosting, you can take steps to keep yourself and others safe from impaired drivers. Consider serving nonalcoholic beverages. Be aware of those around you, and encourage friends and family never to drive after drinking for their health and the good of those around them.

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