The Top 5 Auto Shows From Around The World

Auto shows are undoubtedly the best way to get thousands of car buffs in the same room to talk about, well, cars. While giving car lovers the opportunity to get together and explore everything auto, these shows also provide the perfect platform for leading manufacturers all over the world to showcase their new models and upcoming concepts, so it’s no surprise that a select few have quickly skyrocketed to the top of the ‘must see’ list. Pack up your UKEHIC, your visas and your plane tickets and get ready to jet off, because here, we’re exploring the top 5 auto shows from around the world that car lovers need to visit in their lifetime.

Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung/Frankfurt Motor Show

Quite possibly the biggest motor show in the world, Germany’s offering in Frankfurt is a yearly event that alternates its focus – what this means is that one year, commercial vehicles are shown, and on the next, passenger vehicles take the focus. Having started in the late 1800’s, Frankfurt’s auto show is one of the longest standing in the world and has grown considerably since its early days. Visitors will gain access to some of the world’s biggest and best innovations in the commercial vehicle industry at this year’s show in September, though the full list of exhibitors won’t be available until July.

Paris Motor Show

Paris is a stunning city filled with art, so where better than France’s capital city for an auto show dedicated to auto design and fantastic engineering? Paris Motor Show was actually the first to ever be held and while it’s not necessarily the most popular currently, it still sits firmly in the top five. This motor show is an ideal place for car designers across the world to show off their new creations and latest concepts for fans and carmakers alike to admire. However, this show is only once every two years, so you’ll want to plan your trip in advance! The next show takes place on 4th-14th October 2018.

Woodward Dream Cruise

Perhaps one of the most well-known of all the car shows in America, the Woodward Dream Cruise is home to some of the world’s biggest and best muscle cars. With more than 30,000 to gawk at, you can watch each and every one as they gather on Woodward Avenue in Detroit and cruise along. This event brings in thousands upon thousands of spectators every year for this single-day event that takes place every year on the third Saturday of August.

Auto Shanghai

China’s industries are some of the most complex and popular around the world, and the growing love for all things automotive has meant that Auto Shanghai’s popularity skyrocketed over the past few years. One of the youngest auto shows in the world, it was first introduced in the 1980’s but has since gained traction as one of the best platforms for American and European car companies and their new models. Every two years, this show sees countless brands show off their new models to the Asian market and every time the event is held, more and more visitors are recorded.

Pebble Beach Car Week

For a taste of the ‘high life’, the Pebble Beach Car Week in California is chock full of auctions, vehicle judging, supercars and celebrities. You’ll find some of the world’s rarest models here, and every year, more and more cars are auctioned off for millions of dollars to millionaire and celebrity buyers. This week is full of events to enjoy, even if you don’t quite have the funds to pick up a car for yourself!

Auto shows are not only a great way for brands to show off their new models, but it also gives potential customers and car fans the opportunity to get a taste of what the future holds in the automotive industry. Which one will you visit first?

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