Audi RS6 vs. Ariel Atom Is a Strange But Enjoyable Drag Race

These two vehicles could not be more different with one being an immensely fast wagon while the other is simply a track toy.

Numbers can be deceiving but in this case, the whole story is told with numbers! The Audi RS6 has 552 horses, weighs around two tons and will hit 100 km/h (62 mph) in just under 4 seconds. The Ariel Atom 3.5R, on the other hand has just 350 hp but it weighs just 550 kg making it more than a full second quicker to the 100 km/h mark than the RS6.

The Atom 3.5R is powered by a supercharged 2.0-liter Honda Civic Type R engine, mated to the same Sadev six-speed sequential gearbox as the Atom V8.

Although the first race shows a bad start for the Atom, the second race is much more conclusive but still relatively close.

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