Top 5 Most Common Types Of Motor Vehicle Accidents And How To Avoid Them

Car accidents happen every day. They’re one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Some of the can be avoided, some other ones not as much. By knowing how accidents occur, however, you will automatically know how to stay safe on the road.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the 5 commonest types of accidents and we’ll also tell you how to avoid them. You probably know them already, but this is a topic that cannot be repeated enough times.

  1. Single-Car Accidents

These happen when somebody hits an animal, for instance, or goes into a skid on an icy road. This is not to say that this is more innocuous than a head-on collision. It can easily take a person’s life.

You can avoid this by respecting all the rules of circulation, by being focused on the road and by sharpening your instincts. Not talking on the phone while driving will also decrease the risk of getting in a single-car accident.

  1. Head-On Collision

Head-on collisions are by far the most destructive car accidents and the chances of survival, depending on the speed of the car, can be null. A head-on collision can occur between two vehicles or between 1 vehicle and a wall, for example.

How to avoid head-on collisions: do not overtake a car if a curve is ahead, look at the street signs and do not drive while drunk.

  1. Rollover

Rollovers are as fatal as head-on collisions and are a consequence of many things: excessive speed, driving under the influence, getting out of the road, bad roads, etc. They can be avoided pretty much the same way as the rest of accidents.

Due to the fact that they happen more frequently on wet roads, make sure you respect the speed limit and don’t floor it.

  1. Side-Impact

Side-impact accidents happen in intersections most of the times. While 1 car goes on a straight path, another one comes from one of the sides and goes headfirst into the side of the first car.

These can be avoided by always waiting for the green light and looking around before you hit the acceleration.

  1. Rear-End Impact

Simply put, a rear-end impact happens when you drive around and due to slippery road conditions, your tires don’t ensure the proper traction and you crash in the rear of the vehicle in front of you.

Of course, it can happen the other way around, when the vehicle behind you can’t slow down and crashes in the rear of your car. Put chains on your wheels or slow down quicker than you would normally.


Personal injuries in a collision can be fatal, so extra attention when at the wheel is warranted. Always respect the driving regulations and you won’t get in any accidents. Hopefully, the other drivers will do the same.

Stay safe on the road and learn how accidents happen before you learn that the hard way.  

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