How To Find A Neighbourhood That Is Suitable For Your Car

When shopping for a new house, there are many aspects to consider to make your life easier or provide a better standard of living — but what about your precious wheels?

What if you have a very expensive car or a very low car, or a car collection? You will need to find the right area that is suitable for your assets. Private Property asked Zero2Turbo to discuss the options.

Low Car

If you own a low car you will want to stay clear of boomed off suburbs because these suburbs often have speed bumps all over the place. This could not only frustrate you but might give rise to bumping and scraping of your special set of wheels if you go a bit too fast or at the wrong angle.

If this does become a problem, you will find yourself not wanting to take your ‘baby’ out very often to prevent any unnecessary damage caused by these speed bumps.

Car Collection

Own a few cars and need space? You will either need a house with a large garage or to move further out of the city for more storage space.

The further out of the city, the cheaper the land becomes so that for your particular budget, you can get a lot more space for your collection of automobiles.

If the budget is not a worry, you can always find the house of your dreams in the neighborhood of your dreams and get professionals to dig a large underground garage for your collection. This is the best of both worlds approach but will cost a pretty penny.

Expensive Car(s)

Got an expensive car? Then you will likely want to live somewhere with good security. A gated complex or estate would probably be the best bet. Owning an expensive car in South Africa puts somewhat of a target on your back, criminals are opportunists so if they see you driving an expensive car, they know you are likely to have other expensive assets.

There are many different aspects to consider when buying a new house but you can take a look around at property for sale in Gauteng to give yourself a very good starting point.

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